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Passenger elevator for Duplex Flats and Banglows saves Machine Room construction, Single phase & Three phase compact design High quality gearless machine unit with latest technology controlling system, eliminate the need for a machine room over the hoistway.

Passenger elevator, Fully reflect the Idea of environment friendly culture, Save energy cunsumption, Also save the construction area and gives a free-hand to designers.

Jyoti Passenger Elevator is the elevator designed to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and impaired mobility persons who can finally move autonomously and free from stairs. It is a modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs: from the garage to the roof, you can move effortlessly up to 4 floors.

Benefits of Passenger Elevator

  • Ideal for load up to 300 Kg. and travel up to 15 Mtrs. 
  • Operates on single phase 230V domestic power supply.
  • Unique Design and layout permit.
  • Entrance from three sides.
  • Passenger elevator will save a significant amount of energy (estimated at 70-80%) as compared to hydraulic elevators.
  • The Passenger elevator eliminates the cost and environmental concerns associated with a buried hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic oil.
  • The Passenger elevator utilizes a gearless traction type machine, which results in superior performance and ride quality compared with hydraulic elevators.  MRL’s can also operate at faster speeds over a conventional hydraulic elevator.
JYOTI ELEVATOR is successful in satisfying client's requested special elevator. Consultants, Architects and Developers are welcome for planning, consulting and drawing for their projects.