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Goods elevator, is an elevator designed to carrygoods, rather than passengers. Goods elevators are generally required to display a written notice in the car that the use by passengers is prohibited (though not necessarily illegal), though certain goods elevators allow dual use through the use of an inconspicuous riser.

Goods elevators are typically larger and capable of carrying heavier loads than a passenger elevator,generally from 2,300 to 4,500 kg. Goods elevators may have manually operated doors, and often have rugged interior finishesto prevent damage while loading and unloading. Although hydraulic Goods elevators exist, electric elevators are more energy efficient for the work of freight lifting.

Jyoti Elevator Goods elevator used to transfer goods in the building. It has M. S. Chequered plated platform by default. It can have capacity from 500 kgs to 3000 kgs. Speed ranges from 0.32 mps to 1 mps (depends on capacity).

Benefits of Goods Elevator

  • Safer :   These lifts are safer in all aspects of operation and installation.
  • Faster :   Riding this lift is simpler.
  • Cooler :   Keep your head cool, even without oil cooler.
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