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We build hospital elevators with extra care with keeping the emergency situation in mind. The elevator is made with sufficient space, silent working and with no vibration. The main motto behind hospital elevators is the jerk-free travelling. Adequate space is provided in the cabin to transport the stretchers along with the patients.

JYOTI Hospital or Stretcher or Bed elevators play vital roles in helping patients move vertically. Hospital Elevator are use for simple transportation of patient on wheel chair to wheeling away a critical patient on stretcher without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses, smoothly , silently and swiftly, without jerks and shocks.

Where Bed elevator help to carry a patient directly to ICU on bed in case of emergency. Capacity of Bed elevator is 1500 kgs whereas capacity of stretcher elevator is 1000 kgs. Speed starts from 0.32 mps upto 1 mps.

Benefits of Hospital Elevator

  • A surface that will support the overall structure and be very resistant and horizontal layout.
  • At least two or more guides which are parallel and rigid.
  • An exchange may be double or conventional type, depending on the route and both of the characteristics of the installation.
JYOTI ELEVATOR is successful in satisfying client's requested special elevator. Consultants, Architects and Developers are welcome for planning, consulting and drawing for their projects.